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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Tokyo Majin:Night 10, Bosatsu’s Eye

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Sleeping Beauty and the walking corpse, night 10

Well this episode is called Bosatsu’s eye and its based mostly around Aoi. The graphics in the anime is still good as ever and there is a fight scene with Kyouichi and Kisaragi. It looks to me that Kisaragi has to kill his childhood girl…friend,… Aoi is one of the main characters!! noooooo!! she cant die!!thats what my reaction was, yet since she is a big part of the series and one of the main characters i dont think she’ll die…maybe…i dont know…probably..doubt it.

Aoi Tokyo BoysPhotosayo

Well while Hiyuu is away evil people come out to concoct evil things starting with Aoi, shes feeling down in the dumps because she thinks she is unable to save people. The group don’t have many full group meets because of Hiyuu being absent most of the time with the new girl Sayo, this in turn frustrates Kyouichi. the group meet the reporter girl Toono but halfway thought the meet Hiyuu leaves and Aoi sees dead people in the camera which hurts her eye. Kyouichi thinks that Sayo is Hiyuu’s love interest which puts that fact in everyones mind…is she the one Hiyuu likes?

aoi2aoi1tokyo majintokyo majin

Kyouichi walks Aoi home and talks to her about if there is anything wrong or something just call him. Anyway while Aoi is walking back to her mansion the road light thingys shut off and Kozunu shows up with an offer in a way, he tells her about how much in fear she is about her power and how she couldnt save that certain person(i think meaning the girl in the fire) he leaves her with a message dont or you cant run away from it and it makes her think.

sayo1Tokyo majin2

Tokyo Boys3Tokyo Boys4

The next day Aoi is not at school and Hiyuu goes off again with Sayo, Kyouichi stops him and asks “you do know? right?” and Hiyuu replies “Sorry, i have to go” running off to Sayo who is next to a suit case leaving town, while Hiyuu is escorting Sayo he magically pops out from his hood a toy and a bunch of other things and they take photos, talk etc, Aoi sees Hiyuu and by now her eye is smaller than the other but then Sayo shows up which makes her even more depressed and walks off. Meanwhile Kyouichi went off to see Kisaragi who is meditating near a lake thinking about Aoi as well. Kyouichi talks about the situation with Aoi and Kisaragi repiles saying that she has one of the most cursed powers, that’s the cause of the oni outbreak. then Kisaragi replies that he cannot let this go on much longer referring that he has to kill the Bosatsu eye. this gets Kyouichi worked up and they start fighting.


Aoi pops out from a Tree and they stop fighting, she says that its all her fault for what happened and that she cant protect anyone then she runs off Kyouichi runs after her and the slow reacting Kisaragi follows. A voice in her head tells her that she wants to protect a person, save them, more than her life. Then her eye acts up and she sees war around her and Kozunu’s mother being hanged, she then realises that she is near the edge of a cliff but jumps anyway…Kozunu’s symbol savers saves her from killing herself (at least his useful in saving people). Meanwhile Toono sees Sayos real form of a dead corpse well half a dead corpse and Hiyuu hops on a Train to Unknownia with Sayo.


Well that all i can think of right now and i feel a little sick from my exams waking up at 6am to get to exams ahhhhh!!! thats for reading

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  1. lol i liked your description of how aoi ‘pops out of a tree’

    Comment by jessica — Sunday, January 6, 2008 @ 1:07 am

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