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Monday, November 12, 2007

Characters of Hot Gimmick

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Hot Gimmick


Okay onto the brief descriptions of each of these interesting characters starting with the Narita Family! majority of info from wikipedia thankyou wiki!



Hatsumi Narita (成田初 Narita Hatsumi) 16 yrs

The main character of the series; she is really close to her older brother, Shinogu. At the beginning of the series she is a second-year student at Takazono High School, a private school. While Akane’s fear of being pregnant leads Hatsumi into purchasing a pregnancy test for her, Ryoki accidentally sees her with it, and in exchange for that information’s secrecy, Hatsumi becomes Ryoki’s personal slave. She’ll believe anything you’ll say to her. She has a hard time getting over Azusa moving on after he dumps her in the beginning, but later falls in love with Ryoki (who reciprocates her feelings.) The pair end up getting engaged in the end, after MANY hardships!

Shinogu Narita (成田凌 Narita Shinogu), 19 yrs

Hatsumi’s older (adopted) brother, who is in love with her romantically . He is incredibly kind and helpful. At the beginning of the series, he is a freshman law student at Hitotsubashi University. He isn’t home much due to club activities and various part-time jobs. Shinogu was taken in by the Naritas when he was a little kid. But his parents had left big debts behind when they died. Shihoko and Toru Narita are constantly fighting about where they are to get the money to repay their debts from. Thus comes the plot Mr. Tachibana comes up with, that he will pay Toru if he pretends like he is the one having the affair, so if anyone looks into the matter, his name comes up. Thus Miho and Mr. Tachibana have their affair, she dies, and Azusa forms his plan. Hatsumi falls for it, Ryoki saves her, their relationship evolves, putting her family in social jeopardy. The debt they paid off, Shinogu tried to pay them back by moving out and taking multiple part-time jobs instead of following his heart in both the matter of school and Hatsumi.

The Tachibana Family and The Odagiri Family


Ryoki Tachibana (橘亮輝 Tachibana Ryōki), 17 yrs

Hatsumi’s biggest fear since she was a child, due to him pushing her down the stairs. He turns Hatsumi into his personal slave, but also wants her as his girlfriend. Although he seems to be a complete jerk to her, there are times when he lets his guard down and cares about her and ends up falling in love. At the beginning of the series, he is a second-year student at the prestigious private school, Kaisei Academy. It is revealed that when Hatsumi and Ryoki were kids in the company housing complex, that Hatsumi was Ryoki’s sole friend, while Hatsumi was also friends with Azusa. Nevertheless, Ryoki did not treat Hatsumi well, even as children, going as far as pushing Hatsumi down a flight of stairs, emotionally scarring her. This was revealed later to be an unintentional accident.

Azusa Odagiri (小田切梓 Odagiri Azusa), 16yrs

An old friend of Hatsumi (who has somewhat of a crush on him). They were very good friends when they were younger, he always protected her from Ryoki. He is a popular model doing magazine work and TV commercials. He dates Hatsumi for a short period, which ends when he reveals that it’s for revenge on Hatsumi’s father for supposedly having an affair with his now-deceased mother. He also reveals that the only reason he is modeling is to earn money to hire a private investigator to find out who his mother’s lover is, so he can exact his revenge, who turns out to be Hatsumi’s dad. He later engages in another investigation with Shinogu because Shinogu doubts it was Hatsumi’s father. They eventually find out he was just being paid to be a scapegoat so Ryoki’s dad, the real lover, could come out clean. Azusa pretended to love Hatsumi to get revenge on her Dad. In the end, Azusa told Kazama that he was going to find a way to hurt Hatsumi and Ryoki’s relationship to get back at Ryoki’s Dad.


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  1. Hey this is really cool i love hot gimmick and i really like this picture of all of them and yea do you know if they are making another movies or no get back at me at and my bebo page is yuki sohma or colette youngbird

    Comment by Karmen — Thursday, May 29, 2008 @ 6:34 pm

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