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Monday, November 12, 2007

Hot Gimmick – Good reading

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Hot Gimmick


Hot Gimmick is Aihara Miki’s newest manga series not really newest but most talked about book series, Aihara’s story is funny, romantic, moving, dramatic the art is fantastic… but most important of all, interesting guys and cute girls.


HotGimmick chpt 1

I’ve read this ages ago and i took a great interest in the particular storyline:

Hatsumi is an average high school student who gets caught, while trying to cover for her little sister(Akane) pregnancy scare. Unfortunately, the one who catches her is the person she hates most in the world is Ryoki, the son of her father’s company president and Jerk of a mean guy (though goodlooking) . if the secret where to come out then Hastumi’s life will be turned upside down, Hatsumi agrees to become Ryoki’s “slave” in exchange for his silence. With Ryoki in control of the situation things dont turn out the way its planned and Ryoki ends up falling for the heroine Hatsumi who does nothing but be scared of the king of the complex.


though there is Azusa childhood buddy that comes to the rescue and her older college student brother who is somewhat like a bodyguard to Hatsumi.. yet there is more to these three guys then meets the eye, they all have secrets just like Hatsumi making hot Gimmick the most talked book in japan.

AIHARA Miki is a superb storyteller with wonderful art, and Hot gimmick is no exception. Dramatic, romantic, with just enough characters not to make the story and misunderstandings too heavy and focused, and as a healthy dose of hot kisses. A bit too dramatic for those new to the shoujo manga world perhaps, but definitely a must-try for everybody else.


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