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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Games, Games, GAMES!!!

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I’ve had my fair share of good games and i would like to play more!! i love rpg games but i also like other games too but on a minor bases the popular series of game that a majority of people would play is the famous rpg game Final Fantasy!! but there are also other games that i would like to talk about as well these including shadow hearts, kingdom hearts and more

10 yrs of Final Fantasy



Final fantasy has been round for ages and people all around love this series of game sure it has its ups and downs but gotta say i love all of them!! the most popular would be Final Fantasy VII and from the 1996-97 game became a movie, and extra game for the minor character and more it became the biggest game in rpg!!


Vincent Extra

lets start off with the new final fantasy game that will launch in japan around 2007 and 2008 that is the final fantasy 13 games both based on a woman and a man, from the looks of it people say that the names of both are lighting and storm (i am trying to remember) both are completely different stories but links to each other. One(FF13) based on a world with the most advanced technology ever created and the other (FF13 Vs) based in exist in the last city where only one man stands to protect the crystal. The creators have described it to be a game revolving around the themes of “bonding”, “friendship”, and “sleep”. Director Tetsuya Nomura has stated that Versus is perhaps the darkest, most tragic Final Fantasy ever, because it is simply the only way the story can be told. the battle system of the game seems to be advanced then all the previous final fantasy game of course it would be because of the advancements from all the years.
FF13FF13 vs

Final Fantasy 13 verses seems to be a hamlet linked and the setting seems more darker in the trailers, though this game is also based on protecting the crystals which contain powerful magic (i assume) i am hoping that the storyline does not depress everyone. The graphics displayed are magnificent and the way the characters move are flawless and also seem real who knew people could have swords come out from everywhere and get protected by water! it makes me feel that with the realism produced in the game that i can see the characters as real people.

The female character lighting has the traits similar to Cloud from Final Fantasy VII this could bring about the female in Cloud^^ she is strong willed and her skills in fighting.. well we’ll have to see that when it comes out soon! lets just wait and see if the people of square enix will produce more final fantasy games or will they stop and say that enough is enough, what i think is that there will be lots more to come for the fans out there and i hope to see more different games being produced by these talented people^^

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