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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Prince Who fell in love

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The prince who fell in love

A manga created by my favorite artist Ako Shimaki though he is not the only creator that i admire, this is a series of short one shot stories all created for those who love romance other works included in this book are:

  • the prince who feel in love
  • Cinderella’s letter
  • the ugly one
  • Iroha ni Hoheto
  • Pizzicato

What i love about each story is that all have a different story line that keeps you reading more and also the way the characters are placed in a drama or conflicting romance.

The prince who fell in love tells a story of two childhood friends who when grown up are not as close as they use to be. Shiho the main girl in the story likes her best friend/childhood friend Toshiki yet his attitude towards her is one of dislike and anger. In my opinion the would be one of the best out of all five and it presents a sort of Cliché relationship one downfall from those aside it is and overall intriguing story between a girl and a kabuki dancer (traditional Japaneses dance in theater)/childhood buddy. if you like cute romances then this is a must read.

(click for larger image)

Story 1 Story 1

For anyone who is a fan like me who will keep reading Ako’s manga’s and hopefully one day have more books on my shelf good on you!


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