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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Happy Birthday to you!!

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Welll today is my little sister’s birthday… well not little sister shes just 2yrs younger than me. Well i decided like every other years i would this year buy her a better present then cakes and fluffy toys or glass cute monkeys but i still do need a cake soo i decided to buy her a really good cake! at the bread top shop!Yay the bread top shop to many people other cakes shops are the best but when i saw the bread top shop it is a must go! it has cute bread and cake slices i love the taste. I had chocolate cheese cake and it is delish!!

green teaWhat to get for her 16th birthday.. well i have to decide when i buy her present though i cant get it today because i dont have enough for her present ill get it tomorrow cus i get paid then yay!!! cant wait shes been wanting this present for many yrs hahahah now i am the one who will get it for her!! because i am that good of a sister.. well the cakes i saw on the site Its good but the cakes on the site are not really the ones i wanted like the green tea cake i like that but i don’t think my sister does and even my other relative i don’t think want something like that well there are more to get. I am going to get the best cake! also i am doing this to fill the board em of staying at homeCake most of the time soo i get to go out!!! okay so i have babbled on about my sisters birthday maybe one day i’ll talk about nice places to go eat. that will be next time when i blog. nest time when i dont blog i hope that i do have more time because i am really tired today i stayed up till late watching my tv which i was also watching anime such as bleach, Le Chevalier D’Eon an Air gear on pay tv, im going to continue watching my tv because in my opinion the english dub of these are not that bad, i am kinda thankful i don’t have to strain my eyes reading the subs in the japanese ver. But i dont hate the japanese ver i just need time to rest my eyes alittle and wait till my download limit is gone^^ well about the topic of


cakes and such cakes are a tasty treat!! and everyone should go out and try bread top shops cakes or what ever else they make because they usually come in a cute box oh and they are really delish!

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