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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Kingdom Hearts Vs Shadow Hearts

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RPG games are my favourite to play out of all games and the majority of games i have consist of rpg there are two games that i want to show people and that is Kingdom Hearts and Shadow Hearts. It seems that Kingdom Hearts would win in the more known section than shadow hearts well i got to say that is true, but i wanted to put two completely opposite games together even though the title seems similar. both games are rpg related but the game-play is completely different.

Kingdom Hearts

KHokay so as a wide range know about this game is that it is a role playing game that square soft enix created. it is a collaboration of Walt Disney and square enix creators which is good that the two most popular creators have come together to create this game.Hey who doesn’t want to see innocent Disney characters kung foo fight with shield’s and wand’s maybe those people who do hate kingdom hearts..Kingdom hearts haters have you even tried to play the game!. Aside from that angry things we have the characters that consist of a boy named Sora and his two mates Donald and Goofy, other characters include Kairi, Riku also Mickey yay!.In kingdom hearts what i love about it is that it brings referrence to many games such as Final Fantasy and other Disney related shows. I dont really have to say much on this beacuse people can find more information on various sites just by simply typing kingdom hearts if there is any need of more information then i will put more in but for now i dont really need to explain much.

This game has come along way having various other goodies such as the manga, and other games like chain of memories, KHII and the rumored KHIII. Characters such as:

  • Keyblade Sora
  • Friend and competitor Riku
  • Friend and princess of heart Kairi
  • Ally Goofy
  • Ally Donald
  • King Micky

Are just the main characters that are presented in the first Kingdom Hearts.SH

Shadow Hearts

A game for more mature aged groups because of the violence and the horror shown (it is a pretty old game), though there is romance presented between two characters the ending does not present a really happily ever after effect, it is more dramatic and revolves around a man named Yuri Hyuga and woman named Alice Elliot. Yuri is a Harmonixer meaning a human that transforms or fuses into various creators, he was born with the curse and it seems like the curse is only carried through the men. In this First game Yuri is lead to Alice by voices in his head. Yuri’s character is more of a rude hero as described in the game and the game-play is played with a judgement ring. The first time i played shadow hearts it was pretty hard typing to fight with the ring but kinda new and more interesting. more characters are gain and you can change them as you please. Though there are downfalls to the game and that is how the game feels soo rushed near the end but that would be the only disadvantage I’ll say because it is an old game. What is interesting about the two main characters is their development thoughout the gameplay, the development of love evolving between the two and how dedicated Yuri becomes towards Alice.

There are characters such as:

  • Harmonixer Yuri
  • Holy light and Key in the game Alice
  • Magician and exorcist ZhuZhen
  • Assassin Margarete
  • Vampire Keith
  • Slingshot Hailey

Shadow hearts

variety of weird and interesting people that are played in the first Shadow Hearts, the story for each character is very deep and they find ways to fill that sorrow. Slowly as the game progresses the story changes so there is a completely different story after the Alice phase is over.


in both Games they have a wide variety of fans that play the games, but there are some that have not even heard of Shadow Hearts. So to thoses who have just started or havent should if there is anything else just ask me or comment thanks for reading! well happy gaming!!



  1. His name is “Halley”, not “Hailey”, but it’s great to see someone else who likes Shadow Hearts. šŸ™‚

    Comment by Kilraaj — Tuesday, November 20, 2007 @ 5:33 pm

  2. sorry about the mix up in names thanks for the correction kilraaj

    Comment by cherrycloud — Tuesday, November 20, 2007 @ 11:52 pm

  3. i love kingdom hearts this good i like it

    Comment by suja — Sunday, May 18, 2008 @ 8:29 pm

  4. I take Shadow Hearts anyday.

    Comment by HamalSharatan — Thursday, January 22, 2009 @ 2:18 am

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