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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Le Chevalier D’eon – Obsessed and Possessed

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“Deliver My Soul”

I have been recently watching Le Chevalier D’eon on pay tv and have started to grow to like the show, yeah maybe its notLCD Le_Chevalier_D’Eon castfunny not consisting of comedy or reallly romantic scenes this series is more series and based in historical events. I have so far watched around 3 eps and read the rest online but what disappointed me was the turn of events near the end made me cry but i am also really tired from watching the show till late why!!! anyways the show has shown some progression for each character such as Deon having to sustain the horrific journey and turning out to be normal instead of mentally unstable, Robin he seems young but acts as if he is older which is good to see, Durand who seems very shifty turns out he is involved with Lia, admirer maybe?. What makes me very interested in this series is the way Lia cannot rest her soul till they have found her killer. D’eon is also based on a historical figure named Chevalier D’eon who dressed in womens clothing from time to time claiming that he was born a woman. But for a more better look the creators of the anime made it that he had a sister Lia who was murdered and her body placed in a coffin floating in the Seine river, with her body not able to rest D’eon journeys to find the culprit but instead of wearing women’s clothing and claiming to be a woman his body is possessed by his sister Lia’s soul making him the vessel that she accepted.

This 24 eps series has alot of drama and reminded me of Trinity Blood the way the characters are fighting for something important and the way that it is all based on biblical references it makes the bible look interesting, complete with mystery, horror and violence this show makes the present look more safer than the past. I love the ending theme song it greatly matches what D’eon, Lia and the gang have to go through and i quote from the song “I’m in the same fate with you” clearly depicts that D’eon has accepted his sisters destiny and the rest have accepted to go along with him even if it means their lives are on the line. The ending theme is called “Over Night” by Aya interesting music to put for an ending.

For more information go to:’Eon



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