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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Lovely Complex movie part one

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Love story Between a Short Boy and a Tall Girl who have a lot more in common then they think


This movie impressed me the way love can come in many shapes and sizes, i like the way they put a totally different story instead of a cliche ‘Tall boy Loves small girl’ this story makes it seem that instead of the girl that is clueless and does not understand the male feelings they twist it to make the boy is like the girl and the table is turned his the clueless one! even though it came out last year as you can see in the image above i still want to post it up as an interesting film that has captured my interest. As people who have watched it should know the film is about two people who are unable to find love because of their height and vowed to never love a person shorter or taller than they are…they might of gotten that idea from someone anyways to makes things shorter they end up in love like all love stories and the rest of the story it up to you if you want to watch or have already watched it good for you!

The characters in the film are full of vibrant and young loving actors that give the feelings a funny or dramatic effect. The groupcouples are set out to be similar to each other for example the two with glasses are the same in being the smart weak couple and the other couple is shown to be the rich rebel side of the group. But the characters Ohtani and Risa are set to be the completely opposite of each other though are meant to be giving the theory that opposites do attract based in this film. overall all the characters are wise in what they say i wish my friends would suddenly give me great advice. Well people love this film and i am one of them whoever has not watched it all the post i show here are things that i enjoy and like i say watch it. i will post part two of this later



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