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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tokyo majin Season two review

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Those crazy Kiddies are back and they are full of more power wielding kung foo packed choc co block action!! GO GO GO!

soo what have these high school teens been up to? well they have been practically fighting off evil doers that threaten the very balance of the world.

What more can they do but protect their beloved country and loved ones if they have any so have any of these young Two hiyuu’s?punks met their match? well maybe lets start off with Tatsuma Hiyuu, has this freedom fighter met his match? well that is also a maybe! this Hiyuu twin has the same action fighting skills as our hero he packs good punches and belongs to another

group of small fighter.With their encounter they fight and are really in sync that it is really awesome watching, this guy is like the other side of Hiyuu the glasses long coat wearing side and he also wears the same gloves!!. what is weird about this second actglove love season is the really random encounters with people also the disappointing ending made me soo mad that i almost wanted to bash the laptop in!! but the good side is the characters have not lost their touch. on a side note Hiyuu and his twin can be GLOVE TWINS!!yay! well what about the other characters you say?? well Daigo and Komaki seem to be closer and the story now revolves more around the characters that are not all that important *cough cough* Daigo *cough* okay Daigo is finally important for once not just a muscle chef that just wants to protect Komaki (cute though) But he can transform into a weird tiger monster like creature and terrorizes a run down train area! yay to Daigo for doing something no one in the group can do! and thats being a transformer!!

matureand what about Kyouichi? well he finally gets sliced in two but is saved by some guy thankyou random guy!! for saving our kendo man!! He still has his arrogant attitude and also has a soft spot here and there but in the whole he is still our lovable angry kendo man he seems to have gotten stronger after his injury, anyways his look changes becomes more mature!! or maybe my eyes deceive me maybe his just drawn by lazy artists.Well its a dam good change in look! his hair seems more flatter and realistic but i liked his gravity defying hair do before.Freedom fighting cheerleader

How bout our timid outspoken fighter Aoi? she has gone from swimsuit to Towel! has the creators decided to put Aoi in a new spot and make Tokyo majin Violent to almost nudity! she has also made changes to her hairstyle she has ditched her kiddy clips that do not clip her hair back, she has also cut a straight cut on her side fringe and decided to fight more and fight she does! she can fight in a towel now!! she surely has advanced to timid sideline cheerleader to a fighting outspoken freedom fighter like our dear Hiyuu even though she is not the center of attention anymore don’t worry we still love you! if im bothered to watch past eps.

The ending of this series is something im am reallly disappointed in and i will not spoil unless people want me to or have already known. Ther creators have really made me upset and wonder why theykung foo twins bother to create more random stuff after the main ending, why are they not getting to the epilogue of the story already!! im waiting! well thats all on this review there will be more posted i lTransformerater days but for now happy readings!!


  1. There will possibly be another series based on the second game Gehouchou, the last random episode will make much sense then.

    Comment by anon — Friday, November 16, 2007 @ 10:28 am

  2. Thankyou for that Anon ^^ yay!! another season

    Comment by cherrycloud — Saturday, November 17, 2007 @ 12:50 am

  3. It liked this season alot better than the first, there were alot of really stupid momments, but it’s entertaining as hell. The ending was a major cliff hanger, it would be really stupid if they just left it there, I think they should countinue it with one more season.

    I was extremely pissed to see them kill off that blond loli girl, I mean what the hell? She might not be dead, I mean people had like 40 arrows shot through them earlier on and managed to survive. Hopefully she’s still alive.

    Comment by Cyle — Friday, September 26, 2008 @ 7:04 pm

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