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Friday, November 16, 2007

The Three short stories

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Love does not only reside in wealth and things do not appear as they seem


Love stories by Ako Shimaki…Goood reading ahh what to say about his works its just too good yeah maybe some of his work might have smut but apart form that its good reading the story line in Iinazuke Ryokan is great as always and the characters are fun to read. Iinazuke Ryokan is a series of short stories by Ako, all three stories have amazing storylines with unexpected endings. stories consisting are :
secretly living together

  • Iinazuke Ryokan
  • Secretly living together
  • My Beloved mantel man

my beloved mantel manYes the last one is a weird name for a story but all stories have weird names back to the topic all these oneshots have a certain story line all about love.

Secretly living together a couple actually they are not a couple yet, a boy and a girl who have never met until one day he arrives at her door step. The story has humor, romance, also drama like all his stories i never get tired of them.

Story three yes as you can see the title is mantle man kinda weird we all know but it is s cute story. The main girl is obsessed with a made up character named mantle man, the main guy is a bully towards the girl but turns out he likes her and in a sticky situation he hastily pretends to be mantle man.

All three stories bring to the table comedy, romance and drama and i want to read more stories by Ako. Happy readings

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