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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hot Gimmick – Princes and servants

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” the only wrong thing would be to deny what your heart truly feels “


Yes it is that time again Hot Gimmick corner!! i am absolutely obsessed with this manga and i have to get more books created by Aihara Miki i have all 13 books and now we talk about the relationships between our Hatsumi and the three main guys involved in this dramatic love story. If you have not read the book and is planning to do not read on there is spoilers ahead.

There is also a drama Cd that came out here’s the cast:

Seiyuu Cast:
Hatsumi | Horie Yui
Ryoki | Toriumi Kousuke
Azusa | Yoshino Hiroyuki
Shinogu | Miki Shinichiro

Though the voices for the guys has left me in a very upset situation the guy who talks for Azusa sounds kinda geek, the voice for Shinogu sounds old and the voice for Ryoki well ill drama cdjust say its better than the other two. The voice for Hatsumi is perfect!! innocent and independent very strong i love it! if only they could improve the voices of the guys T.T

Okay the drama Cd’s are good to listen and read along to but the voices ill have to live with.

Now back to the dramatic love story lets start off with the main couple throughout the manga:

Complicated love

Ryoki and HatsumiThese two have been the main couple in book 2 onwards and their relationship is what people would say an odd one. Hatsumi is a really passive girl and it is normal for her to be scared of Ryoki but Ryoki can have his good caring sides and that’s what keeps this relationship flowing also the fact that he bosses her around and pushes her to do it with him, and that is another aspect that this relationship has and that is the drama. Ryoki is a very jealous guy also a sort of attention seeking guy and he hides that through the use of his anger and frustrations on Hatsumi though Hatsumi does not realise till book 4 that he is only doing all this because he likes her which is cute in a scary sort of way. Hatsumi can be very dense but she has good senses in many things. Ryoki he can be human at times but he has a personality that cannot be changed, he is only like that because he has money, intelligence and power in the complex so with all that power and money he was unable to get what he wanted in the beginning and that’s Hatsumi. Ryoki could not buy Hatsumi but he has absolute power over her because he is the Prince of the complex. Hatsumi is only a servant and slave to Ryoki until a couple of chapters later when he realises that making Hatsumi his slave doesnt make her his and it doesnt make her love him he realises that he has to listern to her bit by bit and even though he is a complete jerk behind that he can show feeling as well which is what Hatsumi is attracted to.Their relationship is complicated Hatsumi went from slave to girlfriend which made no difference anyway because Ryoki treats Hatsumi the same way. Their relationship is more lust between a prince and his servant in the first few books but love conquers in the end also it conquers soo much to Ryoki that he goes to the extreme of binding his relationship with Hatsumi and proposes now thats what i call devoted its either that or he wants it so that no one can break their relationship because now its binding.To me Ryoki is the prince of wealth and power. This couple would have to be number two in my top list, maybe i should put it number one with my other favourite because Ryoki and Hatsumi are the couple that keeps the humour in Hot Gimmick.


Azusa & Hatsumi
Revenge over love

azusa and Hatsumi


Okay on to couple number two Azusa and Hatsumi. what can i say about this couple they weren’t a real couple in the beginning, Azusa only used poor Hatsumi for his evil bidding but i can’t say i hate the couple idea, they are cute for a pretend couple Azusa was all protective for the first few chapters and he seemed very loyal if only he found out that Ryoki’s father was at fault and not Hatsumi’s things would of been more different.Azusa’s only relationship with Hatsumi is a good close childhood friend and even though when the time did come for Azusa’s revenge to come to play Hatsumi still could not hate him but love him telling Ryoki over and over which in turn made Ryoki jealous and angry. Azusa’s expressions after the breakup seems to be more sad then happy, he still has an emotional attachment to Hatsumi and has a flashback of the time where Hatsumi use to write him letters saying if he is okay which made him happy. Hatsumi is like the ray of hope when Azusa was alone, though family does come before friends for Azusa, he hides his sadness behind his fake anger towards Hatsumi.To me Azusa is the Prince of two faces. He is also not a boring character well all of them are not but Azusa has different hairstyles woah!! brown, blonde even green he is very experimental with his hair. This couple is number three in my list even though the first few chapters gives Azusa much trust and love the revenge thing is abit too far ohh well he goes to extremes to avenge his mothers death, Azusa and Hatsumi keeps the drama in Hot Gimmick alive.


Shinogu and Hatsumi
Unrequited love



Shinogu what a gentleman he is my favorite male character actually he is my ideal guy!! kind, protective, loving etc he is the normal guy of the bunch though he does have his secrets. Hatsumi and Shinogu were not a couple at all, his only relationship to Hatsumi is that he is a loving brother foster brother actually, yes for some who know or who did not he is not blood related to Hatsumi in any way shape or form. Shinogu can restrain and wait for the right moment to tell Hatsumi thats devotion but that plan is spoiled by Azusa. His choice of words to tell her to choose him is kinda nice and cute he gets all embarrassed Shinogu: “When you have all your boyfriends and stuff…can you consider seeing me as a guy too?”<—Trying to remember the quote close as possible. He can be a really passive guy just like Hatsumi is (not the guy part but the passive part) and Azusa compares the two saying that he is just like Hatsumi and that Hatsumi and Shinogu only think of others happiness and not theirs (that is said in Hot Gimmick S). Though it is weird that for Hatsumi seeing her Foster brother more than just a brother, hey i’d be confused to be seeing him only as a brother all your life then not. It is kind of depressing for Shinogu to not be able to tell his sister that he is not her brother and that he loves her but thats all blurted out later. At times Hatsumi would be more relieved to see Shinogu he is only ‘the-go-to-guy-whenever-i-am-in-trouble’ and i feel sorry for him but with that kinda devotion to her he can take it all and even though he cannot have her he will only love her and no one else. To me Shinogu is the prince of devotion. I put this couple number one for actual bond and devotion yeah its kinda weird that his like her brother and all but Shinogu and Hatsumi has a brotherly sisterly bond which is better than getting beat up and used as a tool for revenge, they keep the drama, love, twist and some humor to Hot Gimmick.

Here are the princes once again(couple pictures):

Prince of power and wealth

Ryoki and hatsumi

Prince of two faces and vengeance

Azusa and hatsumi

Prince of Devotion and protection

shinogu and hatsumi

Thankyou for reading princes and servants hope that you keep reading my blogs and i will post up Hot Gimmick S in later days and happy readings

All images copyright © Aihara Miki, Image from the Hot Gimmick Drama CD (Art by Aihara Miki)..


  1. kyaaa!!! I love love love Hot Gimmick!!! Ryoki is really adorable…in a haughty, i-am-a-king-so-you-must-bow-to-me kinda way…I’m currently looking for Hot Gimmick Drama Cd though…do you know where can I get it? Thanks a lot!

    Comment by pink_sakura82 — Sunday, December 16, 2007 @ 3:15 pm

  2. it is really hard to obtain the cd’s, the only place i saw that they sell it is the Japanese’s ver of amazon shopping and
    good luck finding them though and thanks for the comment =)

    Comment by cherrycloud — Monday, December 17, 2007 @ 1:49 am

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