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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New anime time! Persona -Trinity Soul-

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“Nothing can cure the soul but the senses, just as nothing can cure the senses but the soul”

Persona trinity soul


Okay so most of you know in January 2008 there will be a new adaptation of the ps2 game persona persona trinity soul-Trinity soul- i wont go into much detail about this rpg game but with the anime adaptation of this it seems to me it will be very interesting to watch, it will be set around years after the games ending or setting. It is based around three brothers in the future and the aim? restore the order of balance!

Their enemies? the risen dead and these three will have to go to many lengths to help their country or city maybe world? The main character is a high schooler named Shin Kanzato, 17 who has two other brothers one the oldest a young police officer or a detective Ryou, 28 and the youngest Jun, 14..i don’t really have a clue what he does but anyway these brothers reunite to take on these living corpses and help find out who is behind the mass murders. Shin’s power persona seems to have taken another form and has ‘awakened’.

I don’t really have much information but for more i got my info from:


Thank you internet!!

well anyway the creators are very popular.The director will be Jun Matsumoto who directed blood+ and is an animator for Digimon for more on this go to:


Character: Shin Kanzato
Age: 17
Occupation: High School Student
Wears a pendent in memory of his father and has the power of persona

Character: Ryou Kanzato
Age: 28
Occupation: Police Chief
Ryou is involved in unlocking the case and is the youngest to be police chief

Character: Jun Kanzato
Age: 14
Occupation: Junior Student third year
Brother’s Parents both disappeared mysteriously


More artwork can be found here:
happy watching!! for 2008

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