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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Tsubasa Chronicles – Tokyo Revelations

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“Hope is the thing with feathers, that perches in the soul, and sings the tune without words, and never stops at all.”

The Magician’s Message (Majutsushi no Dengon,魔術師の伝言)

tokyo revelations

New Beginnings for the Tsubasa crew, arriving in a new dimension!! ill put this in short dot points

tokyo revolutionstokyo revelations


do a cool pose there could be people aboutwhat do we do now?

‘FLASHBACK FLASHBACK’A beautiful disaster

  • The intro song is sung by the voice of the character Sakura (Yui Makino) and shows a bunch of symbols then ending off with Syaoran’s symbol.
  • well the gang have been dropped off in a mysterious City that has been destroyed and is completely rubble
  • Syaoran remembers the last thing he did which was defeat the library’s guardian in the record country though he does not remember what happened after
  • upon inspection of this deserted city acid rain starts pouring down hitting mokona First, they run for shelter
  • When they do find shelter its not what it seems there are several dead bodies lying around the people were killed by arrows
  • Syaoran goes to further inspections with mokona leaving Sakura with Fai and Kurogane.
  • more inspection and then mokona senses the feathers presence below, while talking they are attacked by arrows and Syaoran is hit.
  • Kurogane comes to the rescue and fights the leader Kamui who i might add is voiced by Mamoru Miyano (ourans Tamaki)
  • They fight blah blah blah then get acquainted after finding out that the are not thieves.
  • Turns out that they are protecting their area and the people within it and are fighting against the people in the ‘Tower’ which holds a vast amount of water that they need to survive.
  • Later Kamui is sitting near glowing water, for some important reason he needs to protect it.
  • In the room where the tsubasa gang are situated in Kurogane ask Fai why he used his powers to get them to escape. Fai just answers with a happy smile and saying random things avoiding the question. Kurogane then answers “whether you have to run because you have commited a crime or it there is some other reason” that it does not matter to him. He then replies that if its okay with him to put on a fake smile, push people away also worried about Sakura seeing the area that they are in now because he used his magic and still got them involved. They are then distracted by the group they met and Kurogane tells Fai that he has not dodged the subject then when he leaves Fai falls to the floor saying that it is too hard for him.
  • Meanwhile Sakura is in water and a voice is calling to her saying that she must wake up, her reply over and over is “why?”
  • The next day They tsubasa guys are all meeting the tower group with Kamui’s crew, they are encountered with a big worm and Syaoran kills it with one swing of his Hein.
  • When they are done talking with the tower group Kamui fights the leader and is easily beaten. Then Syaoran’s eye begins to act up.
  • skipping to another scene the twin Syaoran is free and the lady tells him that she wont get in his way but he has not mastered transportation she then transports him.
  • Twin Syaoran asks “why?” and the lady replies “the dream must end”
  • Later Sakura is still being told to wake up or she’ll be lost to the world the white smoky stuff begins to envelop her, back in the real world Kurogane is sleeping by her side and her hand twitches he wakes up and realises she is not breathing.
  • The twin Syaoran is then transported to where he is needed which is where the Tsubasa crew met in the first season it is the witch lady Yuuko
  • Finish

Come bac with my sakura you stupid basterdGasp *Dramatic effect* what a waste

*eeek*wait i ment *Arrggh* my ankleI fight for love and justice!!

“Super Cool Kung fu action photo pose”“Syaoran’s Super Mega Awsome chocolaty fugdelistically ATTACCKK!!”

“We can be cool too we killed a worm ^^”“what are you talking about,that worm accidentally ran into your sword”

Okay thats the 1st of the 3 episodes that have gone now we need the last 2 to remind you guys it is only an ova soo there will be only 3 episodes. what made me think was how short Syaoran has gone compared to the rest of the gang, they seem more skinny and taller from the last time i saw them but still gotta love the show also has mokona always been reallllllyy small? or is it getting smaller? anyways the good thing is that after the series finished a yr later around it has come back!!and im expexting to see good results from the creators it seems interesting already making me wait for the next one! now we get to see the reason behind Syaoran’s eye and if Sakura will ever wake up this and more on the next episodes to come.

OMGOSH i was gonna die in there *cough hack*shes dead! what am i gonna tell Syaoran “heres your dead GF”?!?


The Tsubasa Gang have really shown what they are made of and the amazing fight scenes put in was great! the ending Saigo no Kajitsu by Maaya Sakamoto was okay i like the ending image of Syaoran and Sakura gives both of them a more closer and more serious image. We’ll wait and see more that will unfold, the last two eps seems to be coming out early next yr or later next month the other two stories are titles:

2.The Boy’s Right Eye [Shōnen no Migime]


3.The Dream Hime-gimi Envisioned [Himegimi no Mita Yume]


Happy watchings for 2008. and thankyou for reading my extra long blog



  1. Hi how are you please reply to my email address
    do you think you could let me know where i can get Tokyo revelations? I live near NYC so I should probably try China town but if you know somewhere online That would be Great. Thank you

    Comment by Karen — Wednesday, March 19, 2008 @ 7:40 am

  2. i love it

    Comment by allan raey — Wednesday, June 4, 2008 @ 6:56 am

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