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Monday, December 10, 2007

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e ep 1

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Where flowers bloom so does hope


I have so far watched 4 eps of the Japanese ver. of Hana Kimi the reason why i have been off for soo long is because my other laptop is broken and is in need of a new hard drive, so i will be slowly using a different laptop anyways this is soo far a really interesting series and by far like all people Nakatsu is the funniest and the most entertaining character i have seen. All the characters have a interesting personality and i like them all!! okay a recap of episode one!

  • Ashiya Mizuki a new transfer student entering the well known academic athletic school for males only Osaka high
  • Mizuki is in a wave of girls and tries to introduce herself to the lady beside her that is taking photos.
  • The lady explains that all the girls are here to see the guys or a greeting them, then she goes on to explain that the school choses appearance rather than grades (which is the weirdest thing ever)
  • Osaka highs sister school is St Blossoms which have a group of Osaka fans consisting of 5 girls, one which is overly obsessive over Sano

This is Ashiya MizukiEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!OSAKA GUYS!!the closes thing to a celebrityi know..we love us tooThe Sano fan club“S.A.N.O WE LOVE SANO!!”op

  • To make things short Mizuki rather bumping into Sano in the manga she bumps into the doctor Umeda, who to me he obviously knew that Mizuki is a girl.
  • Mizuki goes to class and meets the gang who are mean to her and start touching her to see whats soo athletic about her.
  • She then meets Sano who she put her shoes in his shoe boxy thing
  • Skipping ahead dorms 1 and 3 want Mizuki to join their dorms and she declines running away, she meets Nanba who is dorm leader 2 also is making out with some chick and in the end where she has to make a decision she choses dorm 2.
  • Mizuki goes to see Sano who is sleeping on a bench, she sits on the edge and topples the chair over letting Sano fall ontop.

HEART ATTACK!!Do We Love girls raise your hands, Nakatsu doesnt seem to be raising 10 useful ways to hold your shoesYou..are a girl? *dissapointed face*this dorm is full of weird freaky people that cause pain and pillage for a livingThis dorm where im from has the most coolest and greatest people you’ll ever seethis dorm is where Nakatsu should be the gay people dormYuujiro only lets guys that look like girls touch him You all seem overly surprisedharrasment!!

  • Mizuki is moving her things and one box breaks revealing the contents inside which is photos and newspaper clippings of Sano talk about bad luck.
  • Then she meets more of the guys but they are all wanting shampoo from Sano which he is not there also they are wearing only towels so this gets Mizuki kinda in an awkward position.
  • She goes off to have her own shower but then Nakatsu comes in and wants shampoo also he goes and unlocks the shower door but only his hand reaches in for the shampoo.
  • Nakatsu walks away and he bumps into the guy that likes Nanba who’s towel falls off then all start screaming.
  • The next day Mizuki is doing a race but Nakatsu is up first he does a time of 6.2 sec in a 50m race he then goes on about training and stuff and then Mizuki is up she beats his time and gets a time of 5.9sec.
  • Skipping again there is a major race the the dorm that wins gets the weekends off campus for a whole yr.
  • Mizuki is getting ready but someone spikes her foot meaning someone stabs her foot with metal football shoe spikes.
  • This gives Mizuki a disadvantage and she goes on , dorm 3 gets disqualified beacuse thry have been kidnapping and switching players.

“AHHH!! WHAT THE HECK ARE THOSE!”the face that touched many heartsPoor Mizuki!!a moment where two guys give piggy back ridesNakatsu reflective momentHis gay of course he’d know

  • In the end Mizuki who was determined to win oh and i might add this cause its important to know that Mizuki is only racing because she wants Sano to high jump again so if she wins he has to high jump again.
  • Mizuki loses, Nakatsu who was about to win stopped and looked at Mizuki who is in excruciating pain Sano runs on the field and helps Mizuki and Nakatsu goes for help
  • Sano is piggy backing Mizuki and she says she is sorry that she didnt win.
  • Nakatsu goes walking and the ghost guy Kayashima tells him that his grandmother has past away.
  • in the end Umeda asks Mizuki “Theres a girl like you in a boys high school?”

Sano -endNakatsu - endMizuki - endsanoNakatsudormsGroupBlossom girlsgroupmizukisanoYuu shoritakissgroupgroup

Personal thoughts:

The op Ikenai Taiyou – Orange Range is a cool song even though it is split minute, the ending – peach is cute and makes me happy! Well this has been an interesting story and i like how they try to keep the original storyline but i also find it interesting that they have a variety of different storys and also add more to the series that is not in the book like the spiking of her foot and Nakatsu grandmothers passing it puts people who have already read the story not bored and disinterested. Altogether it is a really great series that should be watched.


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  1. i’ve watched all of the episodes..and i simply love nakatsu…he’s so sweet ( to me that
    great story, haven’t read the manga though..

    go, nakatsu!

    Comment by koala — Thursday, December 13, 2007 @ 2:27 am

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