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Monday, June 23, 2008

The Evil princess and the helpless slave

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Watching this drama made me go ” WHAT THE CRAP WERE YOU THINKING” to the main man lead of the show..



It a very Merry Hana Kimi special

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Okay the title does not mean it is Christmas but it does mean that there is a Hana kimi special coming up.. (more…)

Dramas and such

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Recently i have been watching dramas and looking for jobs which fortunately i found my dream job¬† well not exactly but its a job that will do. the job that i have currently is in an electronics store a really big one. and that is one of the reasons for the lack of posting also what contributes to this lack of posting is the Japanese’s dramas that i have been watching. i want to keep up with the dramas =)

any ways thats to all the readers and this time i will TRY to post and look at the emphasis on ‘try’ im not guaranteed actually¬† all day everyday posting maybe like a few in a month.

Okay it is end of the semester for my studies and i have to scrapp enough money to move out well thats the plan.

end of that well today i will be showing the many dramas that has made me smile, laugh, frown or made me disappointed in well that part disappointed not really a problem okay the drama i have been watching are not recent but i do like them. The only recent drama that i have been watching is the 2008 zettai Kareshi which i have the manga on as well both totally different storylines though i do enjoy it.

okay as you know i have been posting up Hana kimi so i thought i would do the same for the many dramas that i have been looking at like the zettai kareshi one i have been watching or the honey and clover, kurosagi or nobuta wo produce all good dramas that i will enjoy talking about in later post.

well thats it for this section enjoy your watchings for 2008!!

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