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Monday, June 23, 2008

It a very Merry Hana Kimi special

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Okay the title does not mean it is Christmas but it does mean that there is a Hana kimi special coming up..

the special is in the production stage and will be starring the same cast as before (duh) well though there are known facts of a certain friend of one of the characters that will be appearing which is Julia who i think doesnt really look that great in a blond wig.I dont know you guys can throw your criticism’s now but i dont know dye her hair to to make it believable at least… unless im wrong and that is her hair maybe im wrong but trying to have an American Julia that looks alot like an asian with just plain dyed blond hair does not intrigue me. Sorrry fans of julia.

According to Fuji TV, the special will take place half a year after the series’ end. With Osaka Gakuen getting ready for an upcoming Valentine’s Day event. so it will revolve around episodes 7 + 8. for all you happy fans out there start screaming you lungs out when you see these cuties get back on the scene. Also with Nakatsu(Toma) his hair will not be like in the original he will keep his hair from honey and clover but dyed and a little styled, i think it is more easier to keep maintained.

This will also address the relationship between the two characters Sano and Mizuki. i hope that this will be an interesting turn of events for these characters and i hope that the sp will be an enjoyable one to watch.

The production has begun recently but there are no specifics on when the exact date out will be.

well enjoy your daily watchings for 2008and you’ll be seeing these guys (and girl) very soon on a computer, laptop or tv near you! Cya!


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