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Monday, June 23, 2008

The Evil princess and the helpless slave

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Watching this drama made me go ” WHAT THE CRAP WERE YOU THINKING” to the main man lead of the show..

This series called Kanojo to no Tadashii Asobikata stars two main characters:

# Kurokawa Tomoka as Himura Yuna
# Mizushima Hiro as Fujiki Takeshi

It revolves around them and their lives. They have know each other since elementary and one day when the girl Yuna was on the Tier swing she announced a new game called princess and slave/servant, where she is the princess that orders around the servant which is Takeshi. Noting that this was 8 years ago he feels uneasy but agrees to the game and the rule was that if anyone found out about their relationship then the game is OVER! 8 years later and they are both in their last year in high school and the game is still in play.


Well this story did intrigue me when i read what it is about but when i saw the actual thing i didnt feel much sorry for the girl for controlling and manipulating the life of another like that just to get it thrown in her face she seemed scary and desperate for attention.

Okay i like the actress but the character within that actress… kinda scary. What normal girl would tell a guy ‘Hey lets play a game its called i owned your life forever’ when your 10 years old!! i feel sorry for the guy he is made to do whatever she wants because “the rules are absolute”

Okay so it goes on that they are in their final young teen years in high school and are getting ready for the future yuna is dating a guy in uni and Takeshi is still single but seems to have no friends (well i dont see that he has friends until one guy comes along) everything is normal in their daily lives well to them its normal, they go school he gets bossed around and the cycle goes on.

Normal day in school blah blah blah normal day of forced stalking on Yuna dates, picking her up in the end enough is enough and they both go their separate ways until the end the letter in the start was actually for him to meet up with her and she realizes her own mistakes, kinda 9 years too late but yeah he forgives her and they go back to normal lives well that sums up this drama if you like bossy slave driving girls this show is for you but personally i think it is abnormal for a person to be slave driving someone for soo long who likes that kinda thing!! its crazy and freaky. Yuna goes spastic like shes having some sort or seizer saying stuff like “go tokyo U” or “u hate me dont you” and “make it your reason!” make your dream to go to tokyo U my reason to go?!?!?! no way crazy i have my own life to live!!

Happy watchings in 2008


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