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Sunday, July 6, 2008

The sweet dream is not over..

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As you guys have seen in other peoples blogs that the 13th episode of vampire knight is the END but its not that is only the end for the 1st season reason for this is that the production crew thought it would be better to break down the story into two seasons so then they can fully prepare for the ending outcome in the manga. Also there will be improvements for the second season and the second season will be called Vampire Knight Guilty.

i think they have also left people who haven’t read the manga pondering over the last few scenes and racking their brain over what happened thus the suspenseful ending of the last few scenes of the first season and the title for the second season. Also the total all round episodes are 26 but broken to 13 each season and we will be expecting much more for the show when it goes back on in the month of October.

Happy watchings for 2008!!


MAOU 2008

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“We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell”

This show is what i have been waiting for well not really but one of the many shows that i’ve been waiting for MAOU!! (more…)

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Evil princess and the helpless slave

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Watching this drama made me go ” WHAT THE CRAP WERE YOU THINKING” to the main man lead of the show..


It a very Merry Hana Kimi special

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Okay the title does not mean it is Christmas but it does mean that there is a Hana kimi special coming up.. (more…)

Dramas and such

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Recently i have been watching dramas and looking for jobs which fortunately i found my dream job  well not exactly but its a job that will do. the job that i have currently is in an electronics store a really big one. and that is one of the reasons for the lack of posting also what contributes to this lack of posting is the Japanese’s dramas that i have been watching. i want to keep up with the dramas =)

any ways thats to all the readers and this time i will TRY to post and look at the emphasis on ‘try’ im not guaranteed actually  all day everyday posting maybe like a few in a month.

Okay it is end of the semester for my studies and i have to scrapp enough money to move out well thats the plan.

end of that well today i will be showing the many dramas that has made me smile, laugh, frown or made me disappointed in well that part disappointed not really a problem okay the drama i have been watching are not recent but i do like them. The only recent drama that i have been watching is the 2008 zettai Kareshi which i have the manga on as well both totally different storylines though i do enjoy it.

okay as you know i have been posting up Hana kimi so i thought i would do the same for the many dramas that i have been looking at like the zettai kareshi one i have been watching or the honey and clover, kurosagi or nobuta wo produce all good dramas that i will enjoy talking about in later post.

well thats it for this section enjoy your watchings for 2008!!

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